Token management
You can create Personal Access Tokens (PATs) for interacting with the GraphQL API.

Viewing your access tokens

Step 1: Go to the account menu

In the top right-hand corner of the app, click on your profile avatar and select Account Settings

Step 2: View the list of any existing tokens

Creating an access token

Step 1: Go to the Access Token tab from the Account Settings page

Step 2: Name your token

Use the name of the token to distinguish it from other tokens.
This description is useful to help distinguish tokens apart

Step 3: Click Generate

Hint: Click the clipboard icon to copy your access token

Step 4: Copy your token to your clipboard

Revoking an access token

From the Access Token page, click Delete next to the token you wish to revoke.


  • Personal access tokens do not retain roles that are granted to your user account. Actions that require roles (deploying recipes and uploading ASTs) will fail as forbidden if attempted with an access token.