How to create visualizations

Visualizations provide a unique way of looking at the data generated by specific recipes. A visualization could be a complex image that you can zoom in and out of to examine connections between nodes or it could be as simple as a text-based table that you can filter or search.

In this short guide, we will walk you through how to create your own visualizations.


A visualization is composed of four things:

  1. A "spec" which defines the visualization and states which recipes the visualization applies to.

  2. (Optional, but recommended) An image that represents the visualization. If your recipe spec was named foo_bar and your image had a height of 300 pixels, your image should be named foo_bar.300.png.

  3. (Optional, but recommended) Sample data for testing the visualization.

You should create these pieces inside of a repository that you will then publish as a PyPI package to an internal PyPI repository.

Once you've done that, please configure your agent with access to said repository.

For examples of visualizations the Moderne team has created, please check out our public moderne-visualizations-misc repository.

Additional reading

For examples and additional information around visualizations, please see our getting started with visualizations doc.

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