Configure Moderne DX with Maven repository access

In order for Moderne DX to get the list of your Lossless Semantic Tree (LST) and recipe artifacts, the service needs to be configured to talk to your Maven-formatted artifact repositories. There are a variety of services that support repositories in this format. Some examples include JFrog Artifactory, Sonatype Nexus, and Azure Artifacts.

If your company has a rule that any externally-hosted JARs (e.g., Maven Central) be brought into an internal Maven repository (e.g., Artifactory) and scanned before being used, the instructions in this doc must be followed. Furthermore, please ensure that you point DX to your internal Maven repository and that the OpenRewrite JARs and dependencies are included in said repository.

This guide will explain how to:


  • You might need a username and password for a user that is allowed to resolve artifacts.

In many organizations, artifact resolution is unauthenticated while artifact publishing is authenticated. If artifact resolution is unauthenticated, you may omit the username/password configuration in the Configuration step.

Publishing LST artifacts

Configure the Maven Indexer

In order to publish LST artifacts, the artifact registry must be regularly updated with an index in the Maven Indexer format. The frequency with which the index is updated is an approximation of the time it will take for an LST that is published to your artifact repository to show up in Moderne. You will need to decide where the border is between faster publishing and the load required on your Artifactory instance.

Please follow the below instructions to configure the indexer for your Maven formatted repository:

If you are using Artifactory to publish LST artifacts, it is highly recommended that you follow the instructions in the configuring an agent with Artifactory doc instead as that will result in faster artifact consumption while also avoiding substantial load on your Artifactory instance. The following instructions should only be followed if you can not use AQL for some reason.

In Artifactory, select the Artifactory link on the left nav and then select Maven Indexer under Services:

For a repository to be a source of LSTs, it must be included in the list of repositories that are indexed:

Publishing recipe artifacts

Recipe artifacts will be available for the Moderne CLI to download so long as you set the recipe source flag to true in the below configuration step.

Configuring the Moderne DX service

The following table contains all of the variables/arguments you need to add to the Moderne DX service's run command in order for it to get the list of LST and recipe artifacts from your Maven formatted repository. Please note that these variables/arguments must be combined with ones found in other steps in the Configuring the Moderne DX service guide.

You can configure multiple Maven formatted repositories by including multiple entries, each with a different {index}.


  • MODERNE_DX_MAVEN_{index}_URLThe URL of your Maven repository.

  • MODERNE_DX_MAVEN_{index}_LOCALREPOSITORYThe path on disk where LST artifacts and Maven index files will be downloaded to. This is on the disk where the service is being run and not on the Maven instance. Defaults to ~/.moderne-maven

    • LST artifacts are deleted from this location after they are transmitted to Moderne. Index files will remain behind to be used to detect diffs in the artifacts. If changes are discovered, only the incremental diffs will be downloaded (to limit the amount of data being transferred).

    • If multiple Maven repositories are configured on the service, they must have different MODERNE_DX_MAVEN_{index}_LOCALREPOSITORY configured.

  • MODERNE_DX_MAVEN_{index}_USERNAME(Optional) The username used to resolve artifacts. Defaults to null.

  • MODERNE_DX_MAVEN_{index}_PASSWORD(Optional) The password used to resolve artifacts. Defaults to null.

  • MODERNE_DX_MAVEN_{index}_RELEASES(Optional) Specifies whether or not this repository should be searched for releases. Defaults to true.

  • MODERNE_DX_MAVEN_{index}_SNAPSHOTS(Optional) Specifies whether or not this repository should be searched for snapshots. Defaults to true.

  • MODERNE_DX_MAVEN_{index}_ASTSOURCE(Optional) Specifies whether or not this repository should be searched for LST artifacts. Defaults to true (Note: LSTs used to be called ASTs).

  • MODERNE_DX_MAVEN_{index}_RECIPESOURCE(Optional) Specifies whether or not this repository should be searched for recipe jars. Defaults to true.

  • MODERNE_DX_MAVEN_{index}_SKIPSSL(Optional) Whether or not to skip SSL/TLS verification for calls from the service to this Maven repository. This must be set to true if you use a self-signed SSL/TLS certificate. Defaults to false.

  • MODERNE_DX_MAVEN_{index}_SKIPVALIDATECONNECTIVITY(Optional) By default, on startup dx we validate that it can connect to the configured resource, and fail to start up the dx if we cannot. Set this to true to skip this validation. Defaults to false.


docker run \
# ... Existing variables
# ... Additional variables

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