Syncing recipes with Moderne DX

To sync recipes from Moderne DX to your local CLI, you will need to execute the following commands.

Step 1: Configure Moderne DX

mod config moderne edit \
  --token=<token provided by central team> \
  --api=<moderne-dx host> \
  <moderne-dx host>

Replace <token provided by central team> with a token provided to you by the central team that manages the Moderne DX installation, and <moderne-dx host> with the location your company has Moderne DX hosted.

<moderne-dx host> is currently required twice as listed in the example, first under --api, and second as the last part of the command.

Step 2: Sync recipes with Moderne DX

Run the following command:

mod config recipes moderne sync

This will sync recipes from Moderne DX to your local CLI for you to then be able to run commands such as mod run and mod study.

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