Creating a personal access token

In order to use the Moderne GraphQL API, you will need to create a Personal Access Token.

If you want to learn how to use an access token, please go to Accessing the Moderne API

In this doc, you can find out:

How to make an access token

  1. In the bottom left-hand corner of the app, click on your profile avatar and select Account settings:

  1. Click on Access Tokens in the middle of the page:

  1. You should now see a page that looks like:

  1. In the text box that says Enter token name, enter a descriptive name for your token so that it can easily be distinguished from other tokens.

  2. Press the generate button. You should see something that looks like:

  3. Copy your token to a safe place such as a password manager. You won't be able to see the token again if you close the window.

How to view your access tokens

From the access token page (where you previously created the token), you can see a list of all the tokens:

How to revoke an access token

From the access token page, click Delete icon next to the token you wish to revoke:


  • Personal access tokens have the lowest level of permissions possible. They do not have the same permissions as your user account. For instance, actions that require a specific role (such as deploying a recipe or uploading an AST) will fail as forbidden if attempted with an access token.

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